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What can I say...

It is a Coding Ninja under your command

What can you do?

Use your DataBase Design as the architecture of your App. Code faster with the Seniority of a Senior Programmer. But wait, there is a difference with other CodeGeneration Tools, we Produce Quality Source Code for Programmers, not for Enterpraises. Think about it.

Which languages?

Well, we want to be good with the Open Source and the Proprietary world's, so you can generate for .Net, Java and Php. We are focusing on Standard SQL Databases but with Cloud Services you will be able to upload a DBSchema. And of course, you will generate Forms, 3 Layer Architecure (DataBase, Logic, Services) and more, much more.

When it is going to be ready?

We are working on it, we are having some troubles to get the money. We know crowdfounding in Social Networks can be hard, so thanks for your time. I hope you can talk about us with your friends in the Next Nerd Party. To request more information please contact: If you are not hurry... did you see the Polls?